MJF could become a global icon

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MJF could become a global icon

During the latest edition of his Grilling JR podcast, noted commentator Jim Ross, providing a preview of AEW Dynamite: Winter Is Coming, pointed out to listeners that it's rare to see MJF compete on TV. He then praised Tony Khan's booking of one of the most hated heels and continued by comparing MJF and Paul Heyman, with the two who according to him have something in common.

MJF, on his recent appearance on Rasslin with Brandon F. Walker, called himself the "best promo" in pro wrestling as well as one of the best in-ring performers. He stated that Tony Khan knows it too, but warned the AEW President that he could leave and join WWE or IMPACT in the future.

New details on MJF

"Tony Khan understands he has the best promo, or interviewee, or guy on the stick, however you want to say it in all professional wrestling. I'm also one of the best in-ring wrestlers in the world today, which I'd love to get into that too later.

My issue and the reason why I don't get into rating talk and I'll let everybody else do it is someday, if Tony Khan; again, a good friend of mine, doesn't fork up the right amount of money when my contract goes up, at the beginning of 2024, I might go to the other place," said MJF.

These were the words used by JR to explain his comparison, which from a certain point of view can be strange: "I think Tony Khan is making a perfect booking with MJF because he's not overexposing it. He's keeping it cool.

Of course, he is. Max is really great at keeping cool because Max loves Max. I don't blame him. If he doesn't support himself, who does it? He is very smart. Let me tell you this, the statement of the night may be that MJF is a younger, actually athletic version of Paul Heyman.

I was very close to Paul Heyman when he was 20 and I helped Paul a lot when no one wanted to work with him because he was so stubborn from his point of view. Well, I've seen the talent. Was it a pain in the ass? Absolutely.

But it was our thorn in our side and it was my thorn in my side that made us both better. So we did a good job in WCW before he came to WWE, I always thought. So Max is a young Paul Heyman, only with muscle and athletic ability.

[...] The thing is, he's about 20, so ... let's hope he never self-destructs. He and I had some great chats during our time in AEW. I always talk to him on every TV show and we talk about different things. He asks questions that are intelligent questions so you know if he's thinking about things that are okay for the questions he asks or the subjects of the conversations."