Smackdown: Roman Reigns makes a shocking decision

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Smackdown: Roman Reigns makes a shocking decision

The storyline on which WWE has been working significantly more in recent months is certainly the one involving WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns, self-described Tribal Chief of the company and Friday Night Smackdown, currently in a feud with the legendary Brock Lesnar.

After knocking out the other legendary WWE athlete, John Cena, in Summerslam, with the leader of the Chain Gang leaving the company again after his debacle in the summer Big Four, The Beast has seen fit to return to the rings.

of the Stamford company after more than a year of hiatus from in-ring activities with McMahons. Since then, a feud has arisen in the feud, with Paul Heyman, Lesnar's lawyer and personal advisor to Reigns, who immediately found himself between two fires, not knowing who to choose to follow, whether the champion of the blue show or his assisted historian.

In the last few weeks, it was clear how Lesnar was playing with this thing, trying to get inside Reigns 'head and trying to instill any doubts about Reigns' faith in Smackdown's Mad Genius.

Roman Reigns leaves Paul Heyman

Just this night, in the episode of the WWE blue show aired on FOX, the showdown between Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman arrived, with the Tribal Chief of the company who, after weeks of blows behind him, decided to put an end to his bond with Mad Genius, firing him live in the final part of the show and physically attacking Heyman himself, putting an end to this fruitful partnership that had been going on for over a whole year.

After hearing Heyman's words about Reigns, with which the manager was trying to convince Roman that he himself was protecting the champion from Lesnar, Reigns interrupted the now-former manager, thanking him for his years of service to his family and firing him.

Soon after, the Superman Punch arrived who knocked out Heyman. When the worst seemed to be just beginning for Heyman, Brock Lesnar appeared to surprise the Mad Genius, with the WWE Beast attacking the Usos first and then Roman Reigns with two F-5s, to save his historic manager, putting an end to the weekly episode of Smackdown.

Sitting under the learning tree of Paul Heyman has allowed Reigns to become the biggest star in WWE but it's now time for him to stand on his own two feet. The Head Of The Table has to prove his worth alone at some point. He needs to show that he can overcome obstacles without the help of Heyman and The Usos, which could start with Brock Lesnar at WWE Day 1.

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