Smackdown: Ridge Holland takes another win

It was an excellent way to put Holland over as a heel without denting Cesaro’s value

by Simone Brugnoli
Smackdown: Ridge Holland takes another win

Backstage Natalya, interviewed by Megan Morant, remembers her record as a woman to have fought the most matches of all in WWE history. The love of my vi ... that is ... the Canadian is furious because Xia Li is nobody and has had the courage to attack her, while she is the best ever.

In short, she is a little angry, but she loves her all the same. Also because basically, we all know how this story will end. WWE SmackDown went back to the rivalry between Cesaro and the team of Sheamus and Ridge Holland this week.

The Bothercauser took on Swiss Cyborg in a singles contest on the show. The Swiss Superman’s ribs looked injured during the contest, and Holland decided to use this to his advantage. He used the billy club to strike him in the ribs even before the match could begin.

Ridge Holland is very strong

It was an excellent way to put Ridge Holland over as a heel without denting Cesaro’s value. The attack before the match provided a good reason for his loss. One can hope that SmackDown has a plan for these three men in the future, and their rivalry does not end abruptly.

The Viking Raiders vs Jinder Mahal & Shanky. The absence of the great and powerful Veer Mahaan is felt a lot in the Indian team, so much so that the Vikings have the best without even too much difficulty after a Splash of Ivar on poor Shanky.

New Superstars Hit Row from NXT 2.0 got their chance to debut on Friday Night SmackDown. They competed against two local competitors on the show, but it wasn’t the actual plan. Hit Row’s Ashante Thee Adonis was medically unfit to compete.

Ashante is a top singles competitor from NXT 2.0.and he made his way up to the main roster along with the other members of Hit Row. As per the reports, Scott and Ashante will compete as a tag team while Top Dolla will compete in a single star.

Now that Hit Row has joined the SmackDown roster, they’ll be aiming for the tag team belts. The Uso brothers, who are the current tag team champions, will be a key target for the new tag teams on board. The New Day will also fight for the chance to face the tag champions.

The Usos and The New Day will probably go down as the most important tag teams for the industry since Edge & Christian, and The Hardy Boyz. That said, it was weird to see them competing on WWE SmackDown when they're supposed to clash at Day 1 as well. The audience was extremely vocal about this, and they announced their displeasure on social media.

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