Smackdown: The New Day and The Usos competed again

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Smackdown: The New Day and The Usos competed again

Backstage Brock Lesnar meets Paul Heyman and relations between the two former allies seem quite friendly, with the two wishing each other good luck, despite Heyman remembering being on the side of his arch rival Roman Reigns.

The Tribal Chief is scheduled to attend tonight, but how will he take it? - Happy Talk! Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss have since last week stabbed Drew Mcintyre's sword into the table, with which Corbin cuts his nails, while Moss makes increasingly nasty jokes about the tartan and the fact that he wears a skirt.

So what? He doesn't make you laugh! Unbearable. The two attempt to draw the sword, but Drew's entrance interrupts the newly-wed King Arthur. The New Day and The Usos competed in a tag team match on WWE SmackDown. The two teams are already set to take each other on at WWE Day 1 for the blue brand's Tag Team Championships.

Kofi Kingston and Jey Uso started the match for their teams, and Kingston went on a roll straight away. He hit an SOS early on before Jimmy Uso sneaked in the tag. The momentum shifted as the heels took down Kofi and isolated him from his partner.

The New Day def. The Usos

The Usos and The New Day will probably go down as the most important tag teams for the industry since Edge & Christian, and The Hardy Boyz. That said, it was weird to see them competing on WWE SmackDown when they're supposed to clash at Day 1 as well.

The audience was extremely vocal about this, and they announced their displeasure on social media. While Big E was drafted to SmackDown, Kofi and Woods were drafted to Raw. This means that their team has been split indefinitely.

The looks of shock on their faces were priceless. However, there was a deep-rooted reason why WWE split up this crowd-favorite tag team. This is the main reason why WWE wants to try him as a singles star. Big E is much more suited for the role of an anti-hero or heel rather than a babyface.

Giving him a solo run is something overdue for his character. We can also expect Kofi and Xavier Woods to continue as the New Day on Raw. This would be most likely since the two may not have solo paths mapped out for them. It could also be the beginning of the speculated Tag Team title unification.

WWE may have plans to merge the Raw and SmackDown tag team Championships for the men’s division. This would create a much better Tag team division as a whole. But this is one of the issues that arise when you release way too much talent.

The WWE SmackDown roster is sparse and you're forced to give away a pay-per-view match, with fewer stakes, before the big showdown. Last week, Usos got defeated in a non-title tag team match against The New Day. Reigns, who was unhappy with this loss, branded it as a shame for the Bloodline.

Later, Reigns insisted on Jimmy Uso, who got pinned in the last match, to fix the situation.