Smackdown: Naomi picked up a big win

Naomi picked up a big win on WWE SmackDown this week

by Simone Brugnoli
Smackdown: Naomi picked up a big win

In the WWE Officers' Office, Sami Zayn complains to Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville for losing a well-deserved title shot, so the two satisfy him by inserting him in a 12-Men Gauntlet match valid for a title shot at the Intercontinental title that will take place next week.

Everyone wishes happy holidays and we are happy as well. - Cesaro vs Ridge Holland. Naomi picked up a big win on WWE SmackDown this week when she pinned Shayna Baszler in almost no time. Yes, this story has maybe overstayed its welcome in a sense, but at the same time, Naomi is quickly becoming a very popular babyface.

Sasha Banks paired up with Naomi to take on the team of Natalya and Shayna Baszler in the latest episode of WWE SmackDown. Natalya and Shayna looked to be in control of the match until Banks got tagged in by Naomi.

Naomi picked up a big win

The match totally turned in favor of Banks and Naomi soon after.

Ultimately, Naomi pinned Natalya with a folding press to pick up the victory for her team. Following the match, Naomi took to Twitter to appreciate Banks’ efforts and thanked her. Good match, but knowing that the more `` over '' of the two according to WWE shouldn't be the Swiss destroys my mood.

Cesaro, although injured, controls a good part of the match. In the end, however, he lets himself be distracted by Sheamus in the ring and Holland takes the opportunity to close the practice with a mediocre powerslam. But the disappointing thing about the latest episode was Shotzi Blackheart’s absence.

Shotzi and Banks are currently involved in a heated feud on SmackDown. It all started after Shotzi blamed Banks for her loss against Charlotte Flair on SmackDown. Of course, the WWE Official came out to the ring and made a special announcement for Naomi.

“We’re gonna get to the match, but first I have a few surprises. As your special guest ring announcer, let me introduce Natalya. And, as your special timekeeper, let me introduce Shayna Baszler”. Natalya came out without any props, but Shayna Baszler came out with a hammer.

As soon as the bell went off, Naomi rolled out the ring and attacked Shayna Baszler first. The hammer dropped from Baszler’s hand and Naomi smashed her face on the ring before Baszler went down. Next, she took down Natalya with a kick to the head before staring down Deville. Of course, Deville rolled out and commanded Natalya and Baszler inside the ring to take care of Naomi.

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