Brian Myers Speaks About Kris Statlander

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Brian Myers Speaks About Kris Statlander

Brian Myers runs the ECW inspired podcast called Extreme Conversations. He recently spoke with The Wrestling Inc. Daily and he spoke about his favorite student, Kris Statlander who is one of her Creat A Pro students. Brian was a WWE superstar and he trained with Kris, who is currently an AEW wrestler.

“I always say Kris is my favorite student of all time. She’s just like a sweetheart, a wonderful human being, and literally worked so damn hard to pick up wrestling. She wasn’t a fan, per se, but she fell in love with it and saw what was going on,” he said.

“She literally worked so hard and was there day and night. There were a lot of other female girls that have quit, she never quit. She would just be in there with the guys, banging it out taking the bumps and bruises. She’s such an impressive athlete too, holy s--t.

She just gets better so I am very excited for her success and I don’t even think she’s scratched the surface yet”.

Brian Myers Talks About Women's Revolution and Ronda Rousey

Brian then spoke about the women’s revolution in WWE.

He stated that it is still growing and WWE is doing fine, even without the star power of Ronda Rousey. “Yeah, but they made their mark and they made their point. It’s come so far since when I started, what it was, b*kini contests and nonsense.

I was part of WWE the past couple of years and I saw that women matter, like, big time. They have huge fanbases, they move merch, they get superstar reactions on shows and live events. It’s really cool to see how far it’s come,” Myers reflected.

“I think it’s still growing, I do think losing Ronda was a big hit to the star power of the women’s roster. She brought a lot to the table, I was there for a lot of that, she’s a megastar. Bringing all the rest of the roster up to her level, which I thought was pretty cool”.

Brian Myers then stated that working on the same roster as she was a good experience for him. “Super cool,” he said about her. “I did tours with her and all kinds of stuff, she threw herself right into the thick of it, like one of the boys.

It was really cool actually”. According to a few rumors, Ronda Rousey will return to the WWE at some point. She is currently spending time with her family.