Kurt Angle still regrets his last stint in WWE

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Kurt Angle still regrets his last stint in WWE

Kurt Angle played his last match against Baron Corbin at WrestleMania 35. As everyone knows by now, the former Olympic gold medalist had selected John Cena as his latest rival before hanging up his boots. However, the Bostonian's countless engagements in Hollywood prevented that project from materializing.

In 2020, Angle was released from WWE after working briefly as a backstage producer. The Stamford-based federation then used him as a special referee for a 'Steel Cage match' between Riddle and Timothy Thatcher at NXT.

Kurt is the only wrestler in history to have held the WWE Championship, the heavyweight title, the WCW World Heavyweight Championship, the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and the IWGP Third Belt Championship. The 53-year-old from Mount Lebanon was inducted into both the TNA Hall of Fame and the WWE Hall of Fame.

In a recent interview with 'The Paradox of Sports', Angle took a detailed look at his last stint in WWE.

Kurt Angle's regret

“I was really surprised by the decisions WWE made during my last stint,” admitted Kurt Angle.

“First, they chose to induct me into the Hall of Fame even though I hadn't retired yet. Then they wanted me to be Raw's new general manager, and finally I got back into the fight. I always thought that all these things should have happened in the reverse order.

First I would have to go back to the ring, then they would have turned me into GM and finally there would have been induction into the Hall of Fame. Evidently WWE had very different plans than mine. I couldn't do anything about it” - he added.

Angle has received various offers from All Elite Wrestling: “I thought about it, they offered me different roles, but I turned them down. I'm a WWE symbol and I don't want to ruin my relationship with Vince McMahon.

How do I feel now? My knees, my back and my neck are not in perfect condition. But at 53, after fighting for over 40 years, I'd say I can't complain." Kurt Angle was not a big fan of those tours as there were so many and without a decent gap in between.

The former WWE Superstar added it was tough to take for his body and mind, leading to many injuries. He said on a recent episode of The Kurt Angle Show: "No, it's difficult. You're changing time zones, you're not getting much sleep.

You know, you're not to be able to get comfortable. It's really tough to travel, all these different dates and so close together. We were, we're traveling to international that year, quite a bit. Every couple of weeks; We're going somewhere.

And it was really brutal. It was a very difficult time in my life. Because all that travel was just so much, so much wear and tear on my body and my mind."