Dutch Mantell discusses Baron Corbin's character

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Dutch Mantell discusses Baron Corbin's character

During his WWE career, Baron Corbin took the US title once (with a reign lasting 70 days), as well as winning the 2017 edition of Money in the Bank, the 2019 edition of the 'King of the Ring 'and the 2016 edition of the André the Giant Memorial Trophy.

The 37-year-old from Lenexa is also known for being Kurt Angle's last opponent at WrestleMania 35. On August 27, during SmackDown, after a big win in Las Vegas, Baron said he had become very rich and started getting himself call 'Happy Corbin'

In the November 26 episode of SmackDown, Corbin took part in a Battle Royal to determine Roman Reigns' first Universal title contender but was eliminated by Jeff Hardy. Speaking on Sportskeeda's 'Smack Talk' show, Dutch Mantell reviewed the latest episode of SmackDown which aired at Chicago's Allstate Arena.

Mantell harshly criticized the segment which featured Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss.

Dutch Mantell opens up on Baron Corbin

"The segment between Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss was one of the worst I've ever seen on television" - Dutch Mantell ruled.

“I didn't even understand exactly what that stuff was. It was just a bad wrestling moment. Not even the appearance of Drew McIntyre managed to save that segment, testifying to how horrendous it was" - he added to the dose.

Dutch doesn't seem to like Corbin's new gimmick: “I liked Baron Corbin until recently. He was more fun and his connection with the audience had improved significantly compared to previous years. The experiment they tried with him failed miserably.

I believe that the situation will further worsen in the coming months." Mantell finally commented on Kevin Owens' choice to renew with WWE: “KO has been in WWE for several years, which is why he got used to that system and that policy.

Plus, WWE has far more influence in Hollywood and the advertising industry than AEW." Speaking on Catch Off, Baron Corbin said his high-profile win over Angle is something he will remember for the rest of his career.

“To me, that was something that will live in my career forever because it was an amazing moment to be in the ring with not only an Olympic gold medallist but a Hall of Famer and someone who has had an unbelievable career.

To get that opportunity and to walk away with the victory is something I will hold dear for my entire life,” Corbin said. Baron Corbin and Kurt Angle worked as authority figures on WWE RAW in the months leading up to their WrestleMania 35 match.

Angle has revealed in interviews in recent years that Vince McMahon chose Corbin as his final opponent because he felt their storyline needed a conclusion.