Latest update on Bray Wyatt's WWE release

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Latest update on Bray Wyatt's WWE release

One of the most shocking moments of WWE in this very strange 2021, also due to the covid-19 pandemic, which has engulfed WWE like many other world companies, was the release of Bray Wyatt, one of the Superstars most loved and most followed of the entire roster of the federation, especially after the creation of the evil The Fiend, Wyatt's alter ego, seen for several months on-screen.

After presenting his demonic alter ego, who had attacked practically all the Hall of Famers of the federation that was at hand, Wyatt had also arrived at the victory of the Universal title, then snatched from the athlete's hand by Roman Reigns, who is still the undisputed champion of the WWE.

After watching one of his best friends, Luke Harper aka Brodie Lee, die, Bray Wyatt was absent from WWE for a long time, taking a break that needed the athlete to switch off and recover from the shock of losing his friend.

fraternal. Apparently, these long breaks, however, led the WWE to decide to do without the athlete, going to fire him and thus saving several million dollars a year, for his salary.

Backstage News on Bray Wyatt

In his last speech to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the well-known journalist Dave Meltzer wanted to speak extensively about the firing of Bray Wyatt, despite the fact that more than three months have passed since his release.

In his update, Meltzer indeed stated: “Bray Wyatt's situation is absolutely different. Wyatt has scared a lot of people because if someone like Wyatt gets fired, then only guys like Roman Reigns, Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar are safe.

I think that's not really the case with those guys at that level. The only reason that could lead to the cutting of such a talent is that WWE is deliberately firing him and that person is making too much noise for the company's liking”.

According to Meltzer, then, Bray Wyatt may have upset her a little too much. WWE with his behavior, so much so as to lead the top executives of the company to decide to do without him, preferring instead to save the money from his contract.

This means it might take some time before fans get to see The Eater of Worlds in AEW or any other wrestling promotion. “Windham, the former Bray Wyatt, is another name that has been talked about. The last we heard was that he had the movie gig and didn’t want to come back so soon.

Whether he comes back here or Impact, I don’t know at this point. He may not be in a rush to do anything given he had one of the top five or six contracts in WWE so unless he was living incredibly large, he shouldn’t have financial issues forcing him back until he feels like it. At one point he was apart on money from both promotions," said Meltzer.