Raw: AJ Styles and Omos have split up

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Raw: AJ Styles and Omos have split up

It had been in the air for weeks now and it finally arrived. During this night's episode of Monday Night Raw, which aired as usual on the USA Network television screens, the long-awaited split between the couple formed by Phenomenal One, AJ Styles and Omos appeared for the first time in the WWE rings as a masked ninja, in full WWE pandemic emergency.

After spending a few months alongside the former WWE Champion, with the intention of the Chairman who was to split the two already with the Draft, an idea that was then discarded because many did not believe that Omos was ready for a single stint in the ring of the McMahon-owned company, in the end, the split came about with the two starting a feud just tonight, after yet another verbal and physical confrontation, in which Omos obviously had the better.

Update on AJ Styles and Omos

After hearing the umpteenth rants from AJ Styles about the fact that he is the only one to drag the team formed by him and Omos backstage, in the latest episode of Raw the latter did not want to tag his teammate in the match between his team and the one formed by Dominik Mysterio and his father Rey.

Refusing to take over from AJ Styles, Omos cost his team the match, with The Miz tipping the scales this time, as he told Styles about the giant's words, causing discord between the two. After the match, Styles tried in vain to attack his now-former teammate, with Phenomenal One who ended up going to the mat, as expected, and with Omos who promised Styles that the next time they will see will be in a ring, in a match against each other.

Therefore, the storyline that will see the two having a feud in the rings of the WWE red show seems to have begun, which will mainly serve to grow Omos in the company's rings, increasing its status. Omos was first brought into RAW for Shane McMahon's short-lived RAW Underground last year, and once that quietly ended, AJ Styles introduced him as his bodyguard.

Omos had no in-ring action until WrestleMania 37, where he teamed up with AJ Styles to face Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston for the RAW Tag Team Titles. Omos would score the pinfall to win the Championships in his debut match.

Their reign would end four months later at SummerSlam 2021. It will be interesting to see what lies ahead for AJ Styles and Omos on RAW. While the latter looks like he is set to embark on a solo run, we could see The Phenomenal One turn face. This is something the fans have been wanting for a long time.