Raw: Shocking changes for Doudrop

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Raw: Shocking changes for Doudrop
Raw: Shocking changes for Doudrop

In recent months, we've seen former NXT UK athlete, Piper Niven, be moved to the red roster of Monday Night Raw, with the athlete joining Eva Marie, with the latter supposed to mentor the Scottish girl, who should have grown up in front of WWE cameras thanks to her proximity to the company's stunning redhead.

Obviously, this was the initial idea of ​​the WWE, which did not turn out to be very effective during its implementation, with the two athletes also having a brief on-screen feud, due to Eva Marie's ways of dealing.

the big girl from NXT UK and with the latter attacking her former mentor in different ways, until WWE decided to release the beautiful Eva as well. After Eva Marie's departure, Doudrop has started a feud with former Friday Night Smackdown champion Bianca Belair, which was expected to end recently after yet another loss suffered by the Scottish wrestler on the latest episode of Monday Night Raw.

Just a few weeks ago, WWE bought the rights to the name Piper Niven, which is the pseudonym that Doudrop used until her stint at NXT UK. After stepping into the Raw rings, Eva Marie had renamed the girl Doudrop, a nickname that was very much a mockery for the Scottish athlete, who was only needed in this stint.

What's next for Doudrop?

Now, the wrestler after having lost all her matches against Bianca Belair, including the one on this Monday night, which ended with the KOD of the former Smackdown champion, we, therefore, expect a repackage of the athlete who was previously alongside Eva Marie.

According to several overseas insiders, it is now clear how WWE is reconstructing the character of Piper Niven, starting from the name, with the girl who should therefore return to her origins in a short time, after yet another scorching defeat arrived in the ring of the WWE flag show.

Doupdrop recently sat down with Louis Dangoor of GiveMeSport to discuss all things WWE. When asked about her name, Doudrop revealed she thought the change was a temporary thing. "So my belief was that it was a temporary thing and I was like, 'Okay, right okay, cool," Doudrop said. "I can get behind this." But as Doudrop and we now know, there's nothing temporary about the RAW Superstar's new name.

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