Raw: Finn Balor began his ascent

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Raw: Finn Balor began his ascent

Let's review a recap of what happened between Bianca Belair and Doudrop last week. The EST speaks backstage and states: "Since I have been on Raw I have never lost sight of the title of champion, but now there is Doudrop who has put me in the crosshairs and therefore must first close this question.

BIANCA BELAIR VS DOUDROP Bianca starts strong and immediately tries the KOD, but Doudrop runs out to the ring. Then he returns and pushes the opponent to the corner, tries a PowerSlam with Bianca in slight difficulty. Finn Balor finally got his hands on Austin Theory this week on WWE RAW.

The Prince was ready to teach the young superstar a lesson for attacking him twice over the past couple of weeks.

Finn Balor finally got his hands on Austin Theory

Finn Balor went after Austin Theory right after the opening bell and took several shots at him.

The latter rolled out of the ring, hung Balor on the top rope, and took control of the contest. Upon returning from advertising the two are fighting and Bianca manages to take control with a series of shots, crossbody and sends the opponent to the corner, Doudrop tries a Vader Bomb but Bianca reacts and closes winning the victory thanks to the KOD.

Backstage Austin Theory talks about his relationship with Vince McMahon, he feels honored by his attention and Vince also hopes to see him one day as WWE Champion. The two men continued to exchange some impressive moves before Balor returned to the game.

Theory tried to take a selfie during a pin, and The Prince took advantage. He hit a shotgun dropkick and finished with the Coup de Grace on RAW. AJ Styles was also involved in the draft tonight. Styles, along with Omos remained on Raw as the red brand picked them during the fourth round of the draft.

Now, with Balor back on Raw, it seems he is excited to be on the same brand as AJ Styles once again. But will Balor team up with AJ Styles or does the tweet signal the start of a new feud between these two wrestlers? But now that he is back on Raw, this could launch a new feud between Finn Balor and AJ Styles.

Styles and Balor are considered two of the best talents in WWE right now. Balor came up against Styles back in 2017 at the TLC PPV. It was the only time that these two came face to face with each other. Finn Balor defeated AJ Styles then and holds the bragging rights in that particular encounter.