Raw: Edge showed all his incredible talent

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Raw: Edge showed all his incredible talent

It starts immediately with a great match, Finn Balor enters the ring. AUSTIN THEORY VS FINN BALOR Finn starts strong with a series of corner kicks, nudges Austin and the young man falls to the ground. Theory leaves the ring and then comes back in, does this on a few occasions and then starts hitting with a couple of double stomp and lariat, the wrestler tries to tire the opponent but Finn Balor reverses the move.

Upon returning from advertising we see Theory corner opponent, double flying arm and series of dropkicks but Finn Balor stops him. Austin's Spanish Fly seems to close but Finn Balor reacts and reverses the shots, then closes getting the winning pin thanks to his Coup de Grace.

Backstage we see The Miz talking to Omos, AK Styles intervenes and asks what it is, the showman tells him to mind his business. The Miz TV starts, The Miz immediately tells Maryse that he loves her and that AJ Styles and Omos are the two guests today.

In the age of non-intelligent babyfaces in WWE, Edge is a breath of fresh air. He hosted Maryse on The Cutting Edge, a segment that she viewed as a therapy session.

Edge is a breath of fresh air

While Maryse was airing out all her grievances, The Rated-R Superstar (Edge) saw right through her and was fully expecting The Miz from behind.

The giant throws the chair out of the ring and The Miz says he sees the couple in trouble, AJ replies that these things happen to him but he is proud of this Tag Team and they will make up for it by taking the titles again.

AJ taunts The Miz about Maryse, Miz responds and the tones alter with The Miz annoyed. Enter the Mysterios and we are ready for a new match. AJ STYLES AND OMOS AGAINST THE MYSTERIOS (REY AND DOMINIK MYSTERIO) AJ and Dominik start with the first one who hits with a series of outstretched arms, Dominik reacts but AJ hits him, Dominik asks for the change and Rey enters great, Tijeras and back body drop, then returned DDT, 619 by Rey with AJ in difficulty who asks Omos to change, the latter does not answer and Rey closes with a schoolboy and the winning pin.

At the end of the match AJ goes face to face with Omos who pushes him to the ground, AJ reacts but Omos has the upper hand, takes the microphone and says that next time in the ring they will be only as opponents.