Raw: Seth Rollins showed his most brutal side

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Raw: Seth Rollins showed his most brutal side

BIG E & BOBBY LASHLEY VS KEVIN OWENS & SETH ROLLINS Big E and Kevin Owens start, the champion sends the opponent into the corner with Kevin trying to react, immediately tag for Lashley chasing him, meanwhile, Big E sends Rollins to the ground, immediately publicity.

Upon returning we see Lashley attacking Rollins with a Vertical suplex, Seth's tag for Owens who hits the opponent with a Senton and sends him to the ground. Bobby Lashley got the final pin on WWE RAW, but he did not have the last laugh.

After he pinned Kevin Owens to pick up the win, Seth Rollins attacked him.

Seth Rollins attacked Bobby Lashley

The two heels hugged as RAW came to an end on Monday night. This was an interesting way to end the show. KO and Seth Rollins were bitter enemies not too long ago.

With Owens signing a new contract, it looks like he is ready for some long-term storylines again. Tag for the champion who unleashed first Owens and then Rollins, tries the Big Ending but fails, change for Lashley and a lot of chaos, Spear (by mistake) by Bobby Lashley on Big E and spear on Owens, Big E victory and Bobby Lashley, but Rollins intervenes and continues to attack their opponents at the end of the match.

First Owens' Powerbomb on Lashley and then Cumb Storm with Lashley helpless on the ground. The two Heels team up and after a few strange looks, they raise their arms. Thus ends the show! The ladder match was a brutal one as the superstars went all out at each other.

Even though Kevin Owens was the one who suffered the most, he was also looking like the most likely to pick up the win. He kicked things off with a bang as he blasted Balor and Rollins with the help of a ladder. Owens then claimed his dominance as he powerbombed Balor into a ladder in the middle of the ring.

But things turned when Owens landed on a ladder after missing out on a Senton Atomico from the top rope. Later on, Balor backbody dropped Owens into the ladder while Seth lay under the ladder. Towards the end, the match got even more brutal.

First, Owens hit Mysterio with a Pop-Up Powerbomb to send him crashing through the table. Then, Rollins used all his experience and took out Owens as he performed a backbody drop to put Owens through the ladder.