Big E pays tribute to Brodie Lee

Big E has never had the chance to fully show his talent

by Simone Brugnoli
Big E pays tribute to Brodie Lee

As you've all known for months now, former Wyatt Family talent, Luke Harper, who stepped into the AEW ring at his own will, demanding the release from the McMahon-owned company after years of rather senseless management of his character, and who was back calling himself Brodie Lee in the independent sector, died exactly a year ago from complications of a rare lung disease.

The disease that had nothing to do with Covid and which took away the athlete at the age of 40, left an insurmountable void in the AEW rings, in the company's locker room and in the hearts of friends. relatives and fans around the world, with WWE colleagues and friends who were blown away by the news, not hearing from it for months.

One of those who suffered the biggest backlash was Bray Wyatt, Brodie's family friend for years, who also asked the McMahons for a long break from action to recover from this huge bereavement and which unfortunately also got him fired.

Another great friend of Brodie Lee was the current WWE Campion, Big E, who over the months has dedicated huge words to the former WWE talent.

Big E on Brodie Lee

Exactly one year after the surprising and shocking death of Brodie Lee, Big E wanted to write on his social networks: "A year ago, today, Jon Huber, one of my greatest friends on earth, passed away.

I still have a dozen things I'd like to write to him every day. I still remember the way he laughed in text. I still have audio messages from the son doing his wrestling performances on my phone, with Jon's anxiety and pride watching him.

The dream of driving fifteen minutes to his home in Tampa when we retired still lingers. No one will ever get into his boots. It was all so tragic and painful, that there was also some good left to think about. I am so thankful that many people keep Jon's memory alive.

I am so glad that he has enriched the lives of many people even outside of his profession. Brodie (to me it will always be 'Brodie'), the laughter we shared to pass the tears we shed for you. I hope we can continue honoring you the way you deserve. I always miss you and I will love you forever, my friend."

Big E Brodie Lee