Toni Storm's exit from the WWE has led to various speculations about her exit

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Toni Storm's exit from the WWE has led to various speculations about her exit

The updates of the various wrestling news sites on the dismissal of Toni Storm continue, in fact apparently the New Zealander's said to have requested her release from the Stamford-based company. The well-known Dave Meltzer tries to give us more details in his Wrestling Observer Radio, after the colleagues of Fightful,, and PWInsider had already kept us updated in the past hours.

Burnout is a condition that affects workers from a psychophysical point of view and can lead anyone suffering from it to suffer from depression or even can lead to extreme gestures that can ruin or end the life of those who suffer from it.

Is Toni Storm suffering from burnout?

According to Meltzer, this is what Toni Storm is suffering from, who in the past had already opened up about her own depression, which is very common, especially in such difficult environments like those of professional wrestling.

"As for his reasons and why he left, the only thing I heard was essentially burnout," Meltzer said. "I heard it from a few people there. It was kind of a feeling if you look at her build in the Charlotte Flair feud and you're kind of like her thinking about your job instead of just doing your job, you probably do a lot of questions like, 'Why did they throw a cake in my face twice when I'm the babyface?' Even though he had his revenge, why do I still get kicked in the ass and win by disqualification when I'm building the big match? The only thing with WWE is that it's about feeding their stars.

They have their stars under protection..." Meltzer said the feud was all about building Charlotte Flair and that in WWE they tend to do more to protect their flagship stars sometimes and that's what happened. Meltzer added that the way it was booked "could be part of it, maybe it will say something.

There is probably a 90-day non-compete clause anyway." Meltzer then added that he is trying to find out more, but that Toni Storm "has disappeared into thin air."