Natalya grabs another Guinness World Record with WWE

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Natalya grabs another Guinness World Record with WWE

Throughout WWE history, there have been thousands upon thousands of world and non-world records for a variety of talents, from the athlete in the heaviest pro-wrestling ring in the world to the athlete who fought multiple consecutive matches in the same PPV, up to the one who has had one of the longest victorious streaks in the entire history of Wrestlemania: The Undertaker.

In all these cases, however, it was not always true undisputed world records, with the Guinness World Record having recently instead found several in the WWE rings, such as the one with which was awarded to both Randy Orton and Natalya, with the two becoming the Superstars with the most WWE appearances in the entire history of the federation.

Natalya, in fact, had also achieved another undisputed record, which is the highest number of matches played in the WWE rings in general. After only a few weeks, Natalya has found yet another record, that of the woman with the most victories ever in WWE, with the threshold of 640 victories that have been knocked down by the Canadian WWE, who has therefore obtained a new world record.

Natalya goes for her fourth Guinness World Record

As if everything was still not enough for the daughter of the late Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart, Tyson Kidd's wife decided to write her name in big letters in WWE history, going on to win yet another Guinness World Record, this time with appearances in a historic arena in the pro-wrestling world: Madison Square Garden.
With a message posted on his Twitter account, the WWE referee Darryl Sharma wanted to hypothesize a new record for Natalya, with the same athlete who would have confirmed this on Twitter, posting, "#wwemsg with @RheaRipley_WWE @WWENikkiASH and @NatbyNature.

Did Natalya just make another @GWR
for most non-Americans (myself included) in a match @TheGarden? #wwe #wweraw." Replying to this tweet, Natalya said, "Hell ya I did!" In practice, Natalya has also become the non-American athlete to have performed in multiple matches at Madison Square Garden in New York throughout the history of the Stamford company, beating the competition of dad Jim and the even more historic Bret and Owen Hart.