WWE prepares big plans for Drew McIntyre for early 2022

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WWE prepares big plans for Drew McIntyre for early 2022

The most important storyline that WWE is currently carrying out with its Superstars at Smackdown, is undoubtedly the one between the Universal champion, the Tribal Chief of the company, Roman Reigns and his challenger to the title, the Beast of the federation, Brock Lesnar.

Obviously, after Day One, the next WWE PPV that will have been staged on 1st January, the federation will have already staged the title match between Lesnar and Reigns twice, with the two that may not clash again for the next few months, although the WWE plans are to stage another great match between the two also at Wrestlemania 38.

The latest indications coming from the WWE backstage, however, seem to bring out a new name from the federation's list as the next challenger to the title for Roman Reigns, aka Friday Night Smackdown Scot, Drew McIntyre.

Will Drew McIntyre be the next challenger to the Universal title?

After seeing Summerslam's resounding return to the ring after Reigns beat John Cena in a hard-fought match, Lesnar hasn't stopped chasing his old title, currently flanking the blue show champion for over a year.

In all of this, the most important part of the storyline was undoubtedly the one called Paul Heyman, with the former manager of Lesnar who has also been an advisor to Reigns throughout this period, which has been the tip of the balance that has made us lean.

the Tribal Chief to fire the Mad Genius, attacking him in one of the last installments of the blue show. Meanwhile, in fact, in the last live events, Drew McIntyre's been working in a match that is always the same, that is a Six Men Tag Team match with on one side the Bloodline formed by Reigns and the Usos and on the other the same McIntyre and the New Day.

During the promos he brings to the stage, however, Drew McIntyre states every time that he will be the next challenger to the title, regardless of whether to win at Day One will be Brock Lesnar or Roman Reigns, with the same WWE advertising the thing to the local level.

Knowing that Brock Lesnar does not take part in WWE live events, unless it is something big, like the live events at Madison Square Garden, it is practically certain that the next challenger for the title of Reigns will therefore be McIntyre, with WWE who may also have hinted that McIntyre will also be Reigns' next challenger at the Royal Rumble.

We just have to wait tomorrow to see who will win at Day 1 and then make two calculations and understand if the reign of Reigns will go on undisturbed or if there will be new storylines with the Universal title at stake.