Goldberg: "I returned to WWE out of guilt"

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Goldberg: "I returned to WWE out of guilt"

In recent years, many WWE athletes who had semi-retired or retired altogether have returned to the McMahon-owned company's rings, with several well-known names in pro-wrestling history returning to the Stamford-based company's rings.

Among the many we have seen treading the WWE rings once again, at least for just one match, we have had Shawn Michaels, Bill Goldberg, Trish Stratus, Edge and several other super famous names, with WWE getting pumped up beyond belief with such returns, after years of oblivion towards them.

If for Edge the question of inactivity was of a medical nature, as for Goldberg, instead the question was purely personal, with the athlete who had chosen not to approach the world of pro-wrestling anymore, until the call of Vince McMahon, after Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar's work on him.

As long-time fans will know very well by now, Bill Goldberg had left the WWE together with Lesnar in 2004, in a situation not too happy and calm. The two athletes had in fact received discordant and very grumpy and rancorous chants from the fans of the company at Wrestlemania XX, where they had their momentary last match for the WWE, only to reappear after years in the company's rings.

Bill Goldberg and his return to WWE after years

In his latest appearance on the Pat McAfee Show, Bill Goldberg wanted to talk about the reason that prompted him to return to the WWE rings and this time the obvious answer of his son did not arrive, as the only reason for the return.

In his speech, Da Man in fact stated: "First and certainly most important, because I felt indebted to the business for something I hadn't given in the past. After 16 years of hiatus and obviously the birth of my son, everything changed.

I felt really guilty for getting so much out of the business and not really giving something back, especially for the fans." Apparently, the sense of guilt towards his fans abandoned years before in the Wrestlemania XX ring would have been the trigger that brought Goldberg back to the Stamford-based company rings, with the Arab millions and the massive sum offered to him by the McMahons that they certainly facilitated the negotiation between the two parties, making it continue for several more years after the first signing.