After his release from WWE, Braun Strowman changes his look

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After his release from WWE, Braun Strowman changes his look

One of the names of the many released this 2021 by the WWE that caused the most sensation online and among the insiders, was certainly that of Braun Strowman, the athlete of the McMahon family-owned wrestling rings, who in the last year had managed to also triumph in one of the editions of Wrestlemania, number 36, where he managed to beat Bill Goldberg, becoming a WWE world champion for the first time in his life, and winning the Universal Championship.

After a stratospheric year, with high-caliber feuds against Roman Reigns, the evil The Fiend and many other top-level athletes, Strowman had a huge low when the WWE decided to sack him even while the fans remained stunned and taken aback at the decision.

Braun Strowman changes his look after WWE exit

Over the years, the WWE Monster Among Men has accustomed us to seeing him change his looks several times. Now, not only has Strowman lost significant weight but he's also changed the color of his hair.

Before leaving WWE, in fact, Braun Strowman was much thinner than in his debut, completely shaved and with a very long beard. Right from the start, after his dismissal, Braun, however, wanted to make some changes to his body, immediately showing two nipple piercings and a noticeably shortened beard.

In the last photo posted by the athlete on Instagram that seems to have been taken during an autograph session, however, the beard turns out to be of quite an unusual color for the athlete, a blond look never seen on his face, which made his fans take a double look; both at him and at the alligator he was holding.

Strowman who goes by his real name, Adam Scherr, on Instagram, captioned the photo saying, "You just never know who’s gonna come meet ya!!!!! Pretty dope to sign an autograph for an #Alligator."