The Rock: "I always try to have my own code even on social networks"


The Rock: "I always try to have my own code even on social networks"

One of the most important characters in the entire history of WWE is certainly The Rock, the unforgettable face of the Attitude Era of the McMahon-owned wrestling company, which after years returned to the scene, also winning a world title against CM Punk, in 2013, only to lose it against one of the well-known challengers of the last few years, John Cena.

After a whole life dedicated to wrestling, with Rocky deriving from generations and generations of performers, such as his father or grandfather or all the cousins ​​of the Anoa'i family, such as Roman Reigns, the Usos, Rikishi, Umaga, Nia Jax and many many others, The Rock has managed to forcefully enter the world of international cinema, with his name becoming that of the highest-paid actor in Hollywood in recent years, so much has been his contribution with films, TV series and marketing.
At the moment, there are no plans for him to return to the WWE rings, even if Vince McMahon continues to hope for it, both for the great friendship he still has with the wrestler and for the huge asset his return would mean for the company

The Rock and his personal code for social media posts

In his latest interview on CNN microphones with Chloe Melas, The Rock wanted to talk about his personal code that he carries out when he decides to post some status on his social networks or some new post.

He said, "The answer is yes. I still have guidelines that I personally follow: Be authentic, be real and try to create every single social post with quality and meaning behind it, offering something that people can find and thus avoiding wasting anyone's time.

, without putting unnecessary posts that talk about nothing. But I will tell you since we are navigating in the Covid period and in these flows of negativity, I have tried to bring myself to have a more delicate touch with words since social media can easily be a vehicle of negativity nowadays, especially with the clickbait stuff."

The Rock