Drew McIntyre comments on Jeff Hardy's release

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Drew McIntyre comments on Jeff Hardy's release

Drew McIntyre was part of Jeff Hardy's latest WWE match, which took place December 4 at a live event in Edinburg, Texas, joined the same team in a Six-man Tag Team Match in which their alongside was also Xavier Woods. Just in that event, the fans in the stands noticed that Hardy seemed to have something strange.

Particularly after the athlete left the ring during the contest and went through the crowd. A situation on which one of those present, Drew McIntyre in fact, wanted to say about him. Jeff Hardy was fired from the company a few days later, and the reasons have been widely discussed in recent weeks.

According to reports from America, in fact, Hardy would have refused the offer of help from WWE, which intended to send him to rehabilitation. McIntyre was asked about the thorny situation during an interview with Steven Muehlhausen of 'DAZN'

Well, the now-former WWE Champion has decided not to dwell too much on the affair. However, he wanted to use words of support for his colleague and the difficult situation he is going through. "Point one," the Scotsman began, "As usual, the internet can take something and inflate it to excess.

But all I will say on the subject is that I only want the best for Jeff and that he is healthy. As long as he is fine, as long as he is healthy. he is healthy, as long as he is happy with his family, then Drew McIntyre is happy."

Drew McIntyre on Jeff Hardy

Among those who dealt with Jeff Hardy's situation on the Texan night of December 4th, there is the site 'WrestlingNews.co'

The latter explained that someone who was backstage on the show contacted reporter Paul Davis to point out how Hardy took a suspiciously long time to take pictures with fans, after jumping the fence. Even this source, however, did not want to unbalance the actual conditions of Jeff Hardy.

The fact remains that, since that moment, Jeff has returned to be seen in public only and exclusively through a pre-recorded video on the Twitch channel of his brother Matt Hardy, to promote the acoustic concert tour currently scheduled and of which he is the protagonist.

Matt has stated that WWE may have made a mistake by releasing his brother and that a drug test should prove that the latter is effectively clean. Speaking to Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Rick Ucchino, Drew McIntyre said he is now as passionate about wrestling as at any other point in his life.

The 36-year-old also acknowledged that he could have worked harder before his release. “I just love it so much," said Drew McIntyre. "That’s what it really comes down to. I’ve not lost the passion I had for it whatsoever.

Maybe before I got fired the first time, I wasn’t giving it my all. But the passion and the love of this industry was still there and it doesn’t take much to keep me going no matter what I’m able to achieve”.