Shayna Baszler has grown a lot in recent months

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Shayna Baszler has grown a lot in recent months

In August 2020, Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax merged into a single tag team, which has inexplicably also been successful. In fact, the two have also managed to become female pair champions in WWE. The duo lasted for just over a year, holding the couple's titles twice during that time.

Then in November 2021, the two separated with Shayna who injured Nia in the storyline, before the Samoan took a break which then led to her being released by the company.

What's next for Shayna Baszler?

On the latest episode of Sportskeeda Wrestling's Legion of RAW, Vince Russo discussed the Shayna Baszler and Doudrop angle that played out on RAW this week.

Interviewed by Alistair McGeorge of the well-known, the Queen of Spades praised Nia Jax and the time they spent together backstage and in the ring, saying: "As much as I have experience in one-on-one combat, she was very more experienced at being on Raw and Smackdown.

So she really helped me: 'You could try this instead.' It helped me find my way for sure." The former NXT champion then added that their relationship was born mainly because the two were in a sense forced to be together, while she did not have a close relationship with the other athletes.

We remind you that Baszler only made it to the main roster in February and she was still getting her bearings, as she has said in other interviews. "When I arrived I didn't know anyone, so for a while, she was the only one I dated just because we were forced to have this kind of relationship together." Shayna Baszler concluded by saying that the best thing this tag team did was to allow her to show a different side of herself: "I think one of the best things my tag team did was show a completely different side of me.

I was still trying to be comfortable and find my way and find my rhythm. Joining this tag team and showing this side of me has really helped me to be comfortable. Now, if you look at my single run when I was first called, compared to my single run now, I think you can see that there is definitely a difference in the level of comfort and even just how I approach the ring." After her partnership with Eva Marie imploded at SummerSlam, Doudrop has emerged as a dominant force in the Women's Division on the red brand.

With Marie currently on the shelf with a storyline injury, Doudrop is now free to pave her own path in WWE.