Goldberg's retirement seems ever closer

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Goldberg's retirement seems ever closer

Despite advancing in age, Goldberg has received several WWE titled chances in recent years. Bill's attitude both in and out of the ring has often made his colleagues turn up their noses, but his enormous impact on this business is undeniable.

The former WCW star played his last match at Crown Jewel, Saudi Arabia, where he had one of the best performances of his entire career. In fact, Goldberg beat former WWE Champion Bobby Lashley, stunned fans and insiders. During his professional career, the 55-year-old from Tulsa scored 313 wins out of 365 matches, taking away the satisfaction of remaining undefeated for 456 consecutive days.

In that time frame, he won 155 matches in a row, although WCW has 173 matches. Guest in the latest edition of the 'Pat McAfee Show', Goldberg highlighted how his retirement from wrestling is getting closer and closer.

Latest update on Goldberg

“Everyone knows my deal with WWE is for just one more match.

That's all I can say ”- Goldberg remarked. 'Da Man' has not regretted returning to the ring at an old age, despite the fierce criticism received in recent years. “I felt indebted to this business for not doing more in the past.

After 16 years of hiatus, which coincided with the birth of my son, everything changed. I felt really guilty for getting so much from wrestling and never giving anything back, especially to the fans” - he explained. Bill admitted that his physical condition is not optimal: “My shoulder has gotten a lot worse in the last three or five years.

I need surgery, but I will only do it when I have stopped fighting. I'll take care of it when I have said enough. If I did the surgery right now, I wouldn't be able to be at Vince McMahon's disposal in case he needs me. For this reason, I have decided that it is better to wait a little longer." The Hall of Famer was last seen in action at Crown Jewel 2021, where he decimated Bobby Lashley in a No Holds Barred Match.

This was after Lashley injured Goldberg's knee and attacked his son at SummerSlam 2021. Since Goldberg has a limited number of matches on the roster, there will be a host of superstars vying for an opportunity to face him in 2022.

Here, we look at five matches that Goldberg could have in WWE in 2022. WWE Superstar Riddle is one of the most attractive performers in the promotion. As RK-Bro, he's one-half of the RAW Tag Team Champions with Randy Orton.