Who was the WWE star to fight the most matches in 2021?

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Who was the WWE star to fight the most matches in 2021?

2021 is now just a memory, with the second year of the world pandemic that has really brought a lot of news, but also dark and sad moments in the world of the pro-wrestling discipline, including releases, new arrivals, farewells and debuts in the middle rings.

world, which left the fans of all the big companies of the discipline destabilized. In WWE, there have been the goodbyes of really many wrestlers both on the main roster and at NXT, with the federation that, with the excuse of the budget cut, has gone to cut numerous names, even very important ones of its rosters, from Nia Jax to Bray Wyatt, via Braun Strowman and Aleister Black.

Many names of these wrestlers eventually ended up in the rings of the rival company, the AEW, with numerous great athletes such as Adam Cole, Bryan Danielson, Andrade and numerous other top names who made the fortune of the Khan company, in spite of to WWE.

Hard times for WWE

Like every year, at the end of December, the WWE rankings arrive, with the wrestler with the most defeats, the one with the most victories, the one with the most matches and so on, with Natalya having managed to enter four Guinness World Records, which have increased its importance exponentially worldwide.

But who was the WWE athlete who made the most matches in the rings of the McMahon company? It is easy to say: Drew McIntyre, former WWE Champion of Monday Night Raw, who went to the rings of Friday Night Smackdown with the Draft of a few months ago, has 95 matches, of which 73 of them won.

But now let's see the entire list of WWE athletes with the highest number of matches staged with the Stamford company: as we see, in second place, immediately after the former WWE Champion, there is the revelation of the main roster of the year: Bianca Belair, with the girl who took part in 82 matches, winning 41.

Another revelation of Monday Night Raw was the Tag Team champion along with Randy Orton, Matt Riddle, who stopped at 81 matches, just like Jey Uso, with BroMan winning 57 and Roman's cousin. Reigns instead only 29. It has been a bit of a filler feud for McIntyre as he has been involved in SmackDown with Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss.

While he had Jeff Hardy by his side before, the latter was released by WWE, turning the storyline into a handicap one. After the brutal assault on Drew McIntyre on Day 1, WWE provided a crucial storyline update, stating that the Scotsman suffered a "cervical neck strain with severe contusions."