Day 1: Brock Lesnar is the new WWE Champion

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Day 1: Brock Lesnar is the new WWE Champion

Even the first WWE ppv of the year has now gone to the archives, with Day One hanging in the balance until the last second, for all the cases of covid contagion that had arrived internally at the Stamford-based company, from Seth Rollins to Becky Lynch, up to the Universal champion Roman Reigns, all big names who on the eve of the event still did not know if they could take part in the event or not.

In the end, at the last second, the Universal champion of Friday Night Smackdown, the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns, had to abdicate, not being able to appear tonight due to his positivity found only a few days ago, with his absences from the live shows of the company that they had already left foreshadowing something to the fans of the company.

Brock Lesnar, his opponent of the evening, was thus hijacked in the match for the WWE Championship, an already crowded contest, with inside the champion Big E, Bobby Lashley, Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins, with the latter in doubtful just like Reigns until the last second, but with Raw's Messiah eventually managing to come back negative in time for the event.

In a dispute that no one imagined could have gone on stage, given the initial card of the PPV and above all given the heated rivalry between the WWE Beast and the Tribal Chief, the truly unthinkable was staged on Day One, with Brock Lesnar who managed to get out of the WWE ppv with the title at his sides, beating the competition of the other four opponents of the evening, who immediately threw themselves against him, being the most difficult opponent.

Brock Lesnar is the new champion

The main event of the evening, in fact, started almost as a four against one, with Brock Lesnar who had to attack all the opponents as if it were not a free-for-all match, but an all-against-Lesnar, with the Beast of the company that has kept his name high, managing to knock down every opponent who stood in front of him.

After being KO'd several times, between Lashley crashing him into the barricades with a Spear or Big E throwing him at the commentator table or when Rollins and Owens attempted to take him out with the steel steps of entrance to the ring.

In the end, nothing was enough to leave KO the multi-champion of the company, who with his F-5 managed to win the match, taking home the WWE Championship, with a dispute that initially should not have even seen him involved.

What will be the future of the WWE Championship now once Lesnar steps into the rings on Monday Night Raw? And the feud that was to continue against Roman Reigns until Wrestlemania 38?