Day 1: Beth Phoenix is finally back

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Day 1: Beth Phoenix is finally back

One of the storylines that are most interesting to WWE fans, especially those who are following the vicissitudes in the rings of Monday Night Raw, is the one that sees the Awesome One The Miz go up against the WWE Hall of Famer: Edge.

In recent weeks, in fact, Edge and The Miz have clashed several times both in words and deeds in the rings of the red show, with The Miz who has always had at his side his beautiful wife Maryse, who returned to the scene of the company right together with the former WWE Champion, since his return to the rings after participating in the Dancing with the Stars program, the American equivalent of our Dancing with the Stars.

Since the return of The Miz, which among other things coincided with Edge's return to the ring, after a period of a pause following Crown Jewel, where the Hall of Famer had ended its feud with Seth Rollins, the two athletes of the WWE had collided, with Edge then continuing to torment the married couple, who in the last episode of Raw had also decided to renew their marriage vows in the Raw ring, in the company of Eric Bischoff, with the all that ended up in a Brood-style sewage bath thanks to Edge.

Beth Phoenix has always been regarded as one of the toughest and most dominant wrestlers of all time. A former in-ring competitor, Phoenix has previously worked as a color commentator for the NXT brand.

Beth Phoenix made her return

The news had been in the air for weeks, ever since the feud between The Miz and Edge began in the Raw rings, with the wife of the WWE Hall of Famer, also a participant in WWE's Ark of Glory, Beth Phoenix.

who was expected to return to the company's rings, to join her husband in the feud against The Miz and Maryse. Given Maryse's huge support for her husband, Edge needed a big shoulder to carry on his feud against the former WWE Champion, with Beth Phoenix waiting for tonight's victory to return to the scene, after leaving.

just a few weeks ago the NXT commentary table, just in view of its return to the main roster. Shortly before Edge's painful victory in the Day One match, the WWE Hall of Famer was in clear numerical difficulty as Maryse managed to hit him, helping her husband connect with her finisher towards her.

Beth Phoenix, however, has decided to support her husband, restoring parity and making Maryse flee from ringside, with Edge thus connecting with her Spear to win the match and take home the glory. It is now expected that the feud will continue with all four protagonists of the WWE rings together, in a possible four-way match between the respective pairs, probably already at the Royal Rumble of the Stamford company.