Day 1: Becky Lynch retains her title

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Day 1: Becky Lynch retains her title

One of the many matches that hung in the balance until the last second on Day 1, the WWE PPV that aired on Saturday, 1st January on the WWE Network and Peacock TV in America was the one valid for the Monday Night World Champion title.

Raw, with the champion Becky Lynch who was called to defend her title from the assault of Liv Morgan, after weeks of a very intense feud between the two. The match was in strong doubt on the eve of the event as even the champion of the red show had found her positivity to the covid, just like her husband Seth Rollins or the Universal champion of Friday Night Smackdown: Roman Reigns.

If Reigns had to abandon the idea of ​​being able to take part in the event, with WWE also confirming his positivity and canceling the match for the Universal title, hijacking Brock Lensar in the match for the WWE Championship, won by him, Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins instead managed to return negative to the swab just a few hours from Day One, thus being able to get back into action when the company needed the most.

Becky Lynch retains her title

RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch is all set to debut an elaborate new in-ring gear in the near future. In a few hours, she will put the RAW Women's Title on the line against Liv Morgan at WWE Day 1.

Big Time Becks is determined to defend her title at the event successfully. She also has something special in store for her fans at a future date after Day 1. In the ppv aired last night, the showdown between the champion of the red show and her challenger finally arrived, with the fans who were quite divided on who to cheer, with The Man on one side, much-loved champion by the whole WWE Universe, even as a heel and on the other an emerging athlete for years, who has never managed to make the big leap in quality that her career would need.

In a hard-fought match, where Liv Morgan has managed to come close to winning many times, the champion eventually got the better off, who KO'd her opponent with a Man Handle Slam, closing Liv Morgan practice and keeping the title.

It is not known at the moment if the feud will continue between the two, perhaps resulting in another match at the Royal Rumble, ppv which will be staged in just a few days, with WWE most likely giving Liv Morgan a second chance, given how long has been dedicated to the beautiful blonde girl from Monday Night Raw in the last few weeks.