Day 1: Ridge Holland is seriously injured


Day 1: Ridge Holland is seriously injured

Injuries for WWE Superstars and pro-wrestling athletes, in general, are unfortunately on the agenda, with the speed and danger of the scenes shown in the sporting rings that sometimes leave victims along the way, including a badly executed move or a fall that did not come very well, which lead to more or less serious injuries to those who are performing.

Also, while the last ppv of WWE was on the air, Day 1, the first PPV of 2022 of the Stamford-based company, was strongly desired on the first day of the year, after having skipped the December PPV, which usually the company holds with TLC, a Superstar of the company's roster came out battered from his match, with the presence of the athlete in the dispute that was interrupted, to allow the health personnel to intervene in a timely manner on the boy, after the bad blow taken in the center of the ring in a completely involuntary way.

We are talking about Ridge Holland, an athlete who recently joined the WWE main roster from NXT, who would have fractured his nose in his match of the kick-off of the show, just before the direct on the WWE Network and on Peacok TV of the main card of Day One.

During the PPV pre-show that aired on Saturday for WWE, Ridge Holland and Sheamus saw it off against the team formed by Cesaro and Ricochet, with the two heels immediately realizing that it wasn't an evening for them when Holland is was hit in the face by a kick started involuntarily by Ricochet, who broke the nasal septum of the British athlete.

Ridge Holland is injured

As soon as the injury suffered, the athlete was immediately absent from the ring, with the medical staff always present at ringside who understood how serious the athlete's injury was, establishing how Holland could no longer take part in the contest and doing so then go backstage, leaving Sheamus alone.

Despite everything, Sheamus managed to get the better of his opponents, with his Brogue Kick with which he put an end to the hostilities, taking home the match for both him and his teammate. Immediately after the match, Ridge Holland wanted to give an update on his physical situation, posting this photo on his personal account of the social network Twitter, while he was intent on keeping the internal dressings on his nose, still bleeding: By a twist of chance, Sheamus' partner has now also had a nose injury, after Celtic Warrior himself had encountered the same problem twice in the last few months, with Sheamus having to wear a protective black mask for weeks, being able to perform only in this way in the rings of the McMahon company.

Ridge Holland