Day 1: Drew McIntyre scored a convincing win

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Day 1: Drew McIntyre scored a convincing win

The second part of the first event of the year opens with the useless challenge between DREW MCINTYRE and MADCAP MOSS! -Drew McIntyre Vs Madcap Moss w Happy Corbin But was there really a need for this meeting? But above all, you really haven't made a quick squash ??? !!!

The fact is that Moss sometimes dominates, then Drew remembers being a two-time WWE champion and closes the contest with a simple CLAYMORE !!! Now enough strange matches for the Scottish huh ?? !! Backstage KEVIN OWENS is interviewed!

The Canadian confesses his concern about the addition of Lesnar and says it's time to talk to Rollins ... New Year for everyone We have reached the match valid for the RAW couple titles! RK-BRO CHAMPIONS IN CHARGE enter along with Migos for the usual trash / fun entry!

-RAW Tag Team Championship, RAW Tag Team Champions RK-Bro Vs Street Profits Can I say that this match has greatly disappointed me or do you eat me alive? Even the Atlanta crowd seems to have caught my criticism and whistles throughout the match.

The dispute only wakes up with the entry of Orton and a few sporadic flights from Ford! And it is Montez himself who climbs from the third rope to close the battle ... BUT EVERYTHING IS WRONG !!! Then Riddle lifts it up ... RKO ON THE FLIGHT OF THE VIPER !!!

1 ... 2 ... 3 !!! THE RK-BRO REMAIN CHAMPIONS !!! In the post-match takes place the beans between RK-Bro, Migos and Street Profits ... Happy New Year !!! Backstage we see the interview with DREW MCINTYRE, who respects Moss's performance, but uses poison words for Corbin ...


Drew McIntyre won

Drew McIntyre headed into WWE Day 1 severely banged up. He has been dealing with some legitimate neck issues, the extent of which is yet to be determined. The two attack the Scot with a chair and choke him with a piece of scaffolding!

The happy duo (in every sense of the word) leaves, while Adam Pearce and the referees help the Scottish Warrior! Holy shit, this useless feud will continue over the next few weeks ... How nice ... In the locker room, we see Kayla Braxton interviewing BROCK LESNAR, with the latter imitating Paul Heyman and proclaiming himself!

The Beast reiterates that he is a free agent and that he can do whatever he wants, including taking the WWE title! Lesnar’s imitation of Heyman is another touch of genius after using the radio-style case a few years ago ...

-Edge Vs The Miz w Maryse The Miz sets the pace and immediately attempts the FINAL SKULL CRASHING ... BUT EDGE THROWS IT AND BLOWS THE PIN AFTER A ROLLUP !! Mizanin comes close to success after a DDT, as the two end up out of the ring and the Rated-R Superstar accuses a knee problem!

You return to the outside of the square again and Miz tries the FINAL SKULL CRASHING ON THE COMMENT TABLE ... BUT EDGE REACTS AND RUNS A BULLDOG, BUT THE TABLE REMAINS INTACT !!! After an attempt at FIGURE 4, Miz comes close to winning after an irregular Rollup, however, detected by the race director ... EDGE'S CROSSFACE !!! MIZ IS ABOUT TO GIVE OUT.