Drew McIntyre could be out for a long time

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Drew McIntyre could be out for a long time

On Saturday night on Day 1, Drew McIntyre faced Madcap Moss in a match that looked like a filler, even if it went on for several minutes, probably to plug the hole left by Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar because the match was canceled due to Reigns testing positive for Covid-19.

After the match, Moss and Corbin attacked the Scotsman and then imprisoned his neck in a chair so that Corbin could then hit her with a piece of stage iron and injure him. After on the various social networks, WWE announced that: “Drew McIntyre suffered a cervical strain with severe bruises.

After further evaluation by the medical staff, he will be followed by a cervical orthopedic specialist."

Latest update on Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre defeated Happy Corbin's ally, Madcap Moss, in a singles match at the said show.

Later that night, Corbin and Moss launched a backstage assault on the two-time WWE Champion. The company then tweeted out the following storyline update. According to reports from various personalities in the world of wrestling news, the injury is real, so WWE has opted for this attack to justify the time that Drew will spend away from the ring.

Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer said, “The Drew thing, I think he's been bothered by his neck problems, which is hinting at something, because he worked in two matches every night last week. He has worked on a title tag match against Usos and a street fight against Sheamus on every show and was also the WWE workhorse this year.

He has had more matches in 2021 than anyone else." In an update, PWInsider confirmed what Dave Meltzer said and Fightful's Sean Ross Sapp did too, first through a tweet and then on the site. McIntyre now needs to undergo medical tests on his neck to see if he also needs to be operated on, which is why WWE did so on Day 1.

It is unknown how long the Scotsman will remain out, but there is hope within WWE that his absence from the ring will be short-term. His status has been described as "pending" until he is checked by doctors. As per Mike Johnson of PWInsider, Drew McIntyre has been dealing with legitimate neck issues for at least several weeks: "The word backstage is that the angle was brought about by some legitimate neck issues McIntyre has been dealing with of late (at least several weeks), necessitating him needing to undergo medical testing. So, WWE wrote him out of storylines with the attack to be proactive about the situation."