How does Roman Reigns feel?

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How does Roman Reigns feel?

The biggest absentee of Day 1, the last PPV of the company which went on stage just a few hours ago and which saw Brock Lesnar go to triumph in the title match valid for the WWE Championship against the champion Big E, Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens and Bobby Lashley , was undoubtedly the Universal Champion of Friday Night Smackdown: Roman Reigns.

The Tribal Chief of the blue show, in fact, found his positivity a few days after the ppv aired tonight, with Reigns who had in fact already skipped the last live events of the federation, including the last episode of the blue show, dedicated to 10 Most Shocking Moments of the Year and presented by Becky Lynch, in a pre-recorded, pre-recorded episode.

Roman Reigns was slated for a titled match against neo WWE Champion Brock Lesnar, after the Tribal Chief betrayed his mentor and personal advisor, Paul Heyman, with Lesnar screaming vengeance on the blue show champion. Unfortunately for the fans of the company, Reigns was unable to recover for the night and therefore had to forfeit some really important plans with Lesnar, which WWE had in mind for Wrestlemania.

What's next for Roman Reigns?

To the microphones of his latest interview with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, the couple champion of Friday Night Smackdown, Jey Uso, Jimmy's twin brother and Roman Reigns' younger cousin, wanted to update fans on the situation of the champion, saying: "The Tribal Chief was missed.

This match was for him. We represented him, but he is fine and he will be fine. He is now at home that he rests and maybe he plays a few games of Call of Duty. We will see him again very soon. We opened the show, but we still heard our cousin, the Big Uce very close to the show.

This pandemic is really crazy and all we want for Roman is for Roman to stay safe and take care of himself”. Who knows what WWE will bring to the scene with the return of the Federation's Universal Champion to the permanent fixture after the plans between him and Lesnar are blown over by Reigns' absence on Day One.

With the necessary changes, will Reigns and Lesnar still clash at Wrestlemania 38? Or will WWE find two new opponents for both of them at the Showcase of the Immortals? "The thing with Mania is, they've got two titles.

They want one title defended on Saturday, and one title defended on Sunday. If they do Reigns and Lesnar, they are going to get the title off from one of those two if they are going to do the match, or else both will probably be on the Sunday show, and then you'd have the Saturday show with no title matches."