Becky Lynch's next opponent has already been decided

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Becky Lynch's next opponent has already been decided

The woman who is having the most reactions from the WWE Universe in recent weeks is undoubtedly the champion of Monday Night Raw: Becky Lynch. After being away from the rings of the McMahon-owned company for over a year, to devote herself entirely to her first pregnancy and consequent birth of little Roux, the Irishman from WWE immediately returned to triumph in the WWE at Summerslam last year, with Bianca Belair who was the sacrificial victim who fed her the management of WWE, to bring her back with a bang.

Since winning her Smackdown Women's Champion title at Summerslam, Becky has never lost her World Champion belt, although with Dratf she simply had to trade it with Charlotte Flair, only increasing her titled reigns by one with this forced change.

In tonight's Day One edition, which aired from Atlanta, Becky also won her match against Liv Morgan, her latest opponent who really put her in trouble, with WWE appearing to have plans already in place. for the future of The Man, which in theory should no longer include Liv Morgan, at least not in the long run.

New details on Becky Lynch

It looks like Becky Lynch has set her sights on facing Beth Phoenix at some point in WWE. At the recently-concluded Day 1 event, Big Time Becks successfully defended her RAW Women's Championship against Liv Morgan.

Meanwhile, Phoenix returned to television during her husband Edge's match against The Miz (w/ Maryse) at the same show. Her presence helped The Rated-R Superstar finish his opponent off with a Spear for the win. Thanks to the latest updates of the Wrestling Observer, reported as always by the usual Dave Metlzer, it seems that the WWE idea for the next Grandaddy of Them All of the Raw champion would be a match already seen in a Big Four of the company, just Summerslam.

In the latest update of Meltzer, the well-known journalist said: "They booked the match so as not to have Liv killed and have her collide again, because I think, or rather at this point I don't know for sure, but I think that at Wrestlemania the match that will be staged will probably be Bianca Belair vs Becky Lynch.

So, they have to stage something to buy time, because they don't want to do this match before Mania if that's their idea of Mania contention. So they will have to stage this feud again as long as they can."