Big E deserved better treatment

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Big E deserved better treatment

In the last PPV broadcast by WWE on Saturday, 1st January, on Day 1, Big E unfortunately lost his WWE title to Brock Lesnar, after The Beast Incarnate was hijacked by the match against Roman Reigns, absent for the his positivity to the covid, to the match titled for the WWE Championship.

Despite the competition of 4 other contenders, Lesnar managed to land all his detractors, going to pin the reigning WWE Champion, Big E, after his umpteenth F-5, becoming once again world champion of the McMahon-owned wrestling federation, to the happiness of many fans, but also the despair of as many members of the WWE Universe.

Inside the WWE crew, however, there would now be conflicting thoughts, between those who are happy to have seen the somewhat anonymous reign of Big E end and those who instead blame the company and its management for not believing enough in E, with many insiders who are in fact blaming Vince McMahon and associates for this choice.

Latest news on Big E

During one of the latest updates arrived via the microphones of the Fightful Select, we learn that internally, many are angry with the management of the WWE for having lost Big E after such a short time and above all without giving it a dominant kingdom.

as he deserved. In fact, in one of the latest site updates, overseas journalists reported: "When asked about backstage reactions to the move, most said Big E was not consistently booked during his titled reign and several people involved with his storylines have been 'back and forth' to look for a match.

sense to what was going on on-screen, at best." Apparently, according to several insiders, Big E would not have been fully exploited, with his qualities and abilities of him only partially emerging, during a reign that he could have given much, much more to fans.

Last night, Lesnar was added to the WWE title Fatal Four-Way match at Day 1. The Beast Incarnate was previously scheduled to face Roman Reigns, but the latter tested positive for COVID-19 and was removed from the event. Lesnar's inclusion turned the WWE Title bout into a Fatal Five-Way match.

The match's climax saw Brock Lesnar hitting an F5 on Big E and pinning him to become the new WWE Champion. The Beast Incarnate suffered quite a beating at the hands of Bobby Lashley, Kevin Owens, and Seth Rollins during the match, but was the victor when all was said and done.