Part of the Wyatt Family reunites in an independent event outside WWE

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Part of the Wyatt Family reunites in an independent event outside WWE

The first historical formation of the WWE Wyatt Family, to come from the NXT rings, was that formed by the leader, Bray Wyatt and by the followers Erick Rowan and Luke Harper. In a second moment, to the stable which was initially a trio, was also added the presence of Braun Strowman, a gigantic athlete who with the experience and knowledge of the WWE Universe managed to break through the main roster even in single, becoming, in the end, Universal Champion of the McMahon family.

The first to leave the McMahon-owned federation by his express will was the late Luke Harper, who returned to being Brodie Lee and who immediately signed a contract with the AEW of the Khan family, only to die tragically at a very young age, in Boxing Day two years ago, due to a rare lung disease.

The Wyatt Family returns to the scene against two other former WWE wrestlers

In the next show of Northeast Wrestling, an American independent company, there will be a match that will see half of the WWE Wyatt Family staged, with Braun Strowman, who now goes by his real name, Adam Scherr, who will be joined by Erick Rowan, from the new name of Erick Redbeard, in a tag team match against two other former WWE wrestlers, Bully Ray and NZO, the former Enzo Amore of the McMahon company.

At the event, called Wrestlefest XXVI, other big names from the world pro-wrestling scene will also appear, such as Jay Lethal, Christopher Daniels, Thunder Rosa or the AEW tag team champions, the Lucha Bros. But let's see what is the card of the event that will be broadcast on January 22:

- First Time Ever Dream Match Malakai Black vs The Trend Matt Taven
- All Elite Wrestling Tag Team Champions - The Lucha Brothers REY FENIX Penta El Cero Miedo vs Ring of Honor Wrestling Bandido and Flip Gordon
- NEW Title Match Danny Maff vs JT Dunn
- Thunder Rosa vs Megasus Megan Bayne
- Eddie Kingson will be in action
- Jay Lethal vs Christopher Daniels
- Vincent w / Dutch vs Hale Collins
- 8 Man Tag Team Match NEW Tag Team Champions Club Cam Cameron Zagami Antonio Zambrano and The Trust Fund - NEW LIVE Champion Mike Verna & Channing Thomas w / Nikii Duke vs Wrecking Ball Legursky Waves and Curls Traevon Jordan Jaylen Brandyn & Giovanni Galvano.