Jeff Hardy was scheduled for a "jump" to NXT prior to his release from WWE

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Jeff Hardy was scheduled for a "jump" to NXT prior to his release from WWE

One of the most shocking and surprising news of recent months has been the release, a bit like a bolt from the blue, of Jeff Hardy, now legendary athlete of the WWE, who for years has trod the Stamford-based company's wrestling square along with the brother Matt, with whom he has won dozens of couple titles around the world.

After stepping into a truly dark tunnel in his life over the past few years, it seemed like Jeff had been out of it for months now, with the stories about his arrests, the drunk guides, the alcohol and drugs, which seemed to be.

were now a distant memory. After the latest problems encountered by the WWE and by the athlete himself in some house shows of the company, the McMahons are said to have offered help to the athlete, who would have refused to accept it, however, leading the company to fire him in the trunk, it is not known precisely with what motivation though.
If, for many, Jeff is back on bad roads, for many other insiders the athlete would have been clean for years now, with the wrestler not touching any substance for a long time.

Jeff Hardy and the idea of ​​making him appear in the NXT rings

Apparently, just before he was fired, WWE had very specific plans for Matt Hardy's younger brother, with Jeff being scheduled to pop in front of the NXT cameras, to do what Matt Riddle is now doing with.

the MSK. As revealed in the last few hours by the reporters of the well-known Fightful Select, in fact: "Jeff Hardy was initially planned to be a 'Shaman' for MSK. Only a few days before WWE revealed these facts and the whole thing went on stage, Hardy is was released by the company and Matt Riddle started filming the content with MSK, taking the work home."

Once again, after arriving in the right place at the right time, with his US title win narrowly blown from under Keith Lee's nose, Riddle tries again and manages to "blow" Jeff Hardy's work right after its release. What can I say, Matt Riddle seems to be undoubtedly one of the luckiest men in the WWE.