Brock Lesnar, now what? His plans on Raw now that he's WWE Champion

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Brock Lesnar, now what? His plans on Raw now that he's WWE Champion

A single day in 2022 was enough to change a large part of WWE's prospects for the new year, and the great events that will characterize it. First, the announcement of the absence of Roman Reigns from Day 1, with the highly anticipated clash with Brock Lesnar postponed until a later date.

Then the officialization of the move of the Beast in the main event of Raw, with the consequent (almost obvious) conquest of the WWE Champion title. And now? According to what is bouncing from America, at least for some time, we will have to deal with this new reality.

But probably not for long. It is clear that the events in Atlanta will heavily affect the balance of Raw. But the jolt will be gigantic in SmackDown too. The fact is that, with the current Universal Champion temporarily unavailable (Roman Reigns), even his opponent will no longer be seen in the blue show.

But, apparently, for now, it will do it in the red one instead. His first appearance as a new WWE Champion will in fact already take place in the first weekly show of the year. Despite reports by 'PWInsider' that Brock Lesnar did not travel to Greenville, South Carolina for this Monday night's episode of Raw (instead, returning to his home in Canada), the champion will be there on a regular basis.

However, while continuing to appear as a "free agent" (ie an athlete free to appear in any show he wants), in WWE Brock Lesnar is now considered a Superstar stationed on Raw and no longer in SmackDown, as instead seemed certain until a few hours ago.

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This means that when we see Brock Lesnar again he will be on the red show, presumably to kick off a feud with that Bobby Lashley who on Day 1 turned out to be the hardest nut for him (and with whom there was no shortage of defiant looks).

Therefore we must consider the feud with Roman Reigns temporarily frozen or suspended, with a new storyline ready to go for Brock Lesnar on Raw. At the moment, therefore, any solutions that foresee the presence of Lesnar in SmackDown with the WWE Championship in tow, complete with a renewed challenge with Roman Reigns who would be giving away his Universal Championship (with the scheme therefore of the Winner Takes All already hypothesized by other authoritative sources ).

At the moment The Beast Incarnate will simply be busy on Raw, most likely against Lashley. And this pattern should continue for a few weeks or months, with the Big Match Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns taking place at WrestleMania, as originally planned by WWE. But with fewer intermediate steps than originally planned.