Former WWE Kalisto reveals he almost died in August 2021

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Former WWE Kalisto reveals he almost died in August 2021

In the numerous layoffs carried out by WWE in the two-year period 2020-2021, there have been many names that have left fans in awe, including former world champions, tag team champions or secondary champions on the main roster, all personnel that WWE thought was unnecessary to retain with the federation.

Among the many, was Kalisto as well, with the lightweight athlete who has returned to be called Samuray Del Sol, just landing in the indie rings, after his release from WWE in April of 2021. What many did not know, however, is that Kalisto was hit by Covid last year and it'd gotten quite tough for him.

In fact, he even said that he'd come closer to death because of the virus.

Kalisto and the very bad experience linked to Covid

In his latest interview also posted on his Instagram account, the Mexican-born fighter born in Chicago wanted to open up to a page of his very painful life, linked to the pandemic virus, writing: "COVID nearly ended me..the whole month of August I was hospitalized…dodging death again in my life, nearly having two heart attacks on top of covid and stomach ulcer, only had a day to prepare for my return on tv…beyond my belief, I thought I never get this bad, but I took that as a sign, really trained hard and rolled the dice and Lucha.

2022 is all I focus on…LUCHA always like there’s no tomorrow... LUCHA is my life and my LIFE is LUCHA.. #onemorego #gloat #lucha stay safe everyone #greatful #blessed everyone deserves the world." Kalisto, whose real name is Emanuel Alejandro Rodriguez, was with the WWE for almost eight years, joining the federation in 2013 and wrestled in the NXT and RAW rings of the federation.