Another round of cuts: WWE fires several big names from NXT and beyond

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Another round of cuts: WWE fires several big names from NXT and beyond

The two-year period 2020-2021 was truly nefarious for the Superstars and WWE insiders, with several very important names having been released, falling within a new budget cut policy mainly due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which has done a lot of damage to the organization in the pro-wrestling world.

If the WWE had already gone to put their hands in an important way to its rosters, even in the night there was bad news from the USA, with several fighters and above all backstage workers, who were eliminated from the federation's payroll, with some names which were really shocking for the fans, to swallow, just like the various Braun Strowman, Bray Wyatt, Nia Jax and all the other big names fired in the last period.

WWE continues to cut major names from its rosters

As has happened in all the latest waves of layoffs, WWE has slowly begun, 10-15 minutes apart, to confirm its releases, with the names of the insiders not appearing on -screens that have not even appeared on the official website of the federation, as happens instead with the staff who enter the ring.

Thanks to several important overseas sites, such as Fightful and PW Insider, we learn who have been the victims of this wave of cuts, which mainly took the creative and producing team part of NXT, with the following names that have been WWE licensed:

- William Regal
- Timothy Thatcher
- Hideki Suzuki (of Diamond Mine)
- Danny Burch
- Scott Armstrong
- Road Dogg
- George Carroll (producer and writer hired just last year)
- Cathy Corino (Allison Danger)
- Dave Kapoor (former Ranjin Singh seen on-screen alongside The Great Khali)
- Sarah Cummins (WWE Senior Vice President of Consumer Products) .

At the moment it appears that the cuts have ended here, although it's only a matter of time before WWE finds more names that have become superfluous in its org chart that it can eliminate, thus avoiding a waste of unnecessary money according to federation executives.