ECW Legend: "Kurt Angle in WWE rings was a real pain"

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ECW Legend: "Kurt Angle in WWE rings was a real pain"

The history of WWE is dotted with the most famous, capable, technical and important athletes of the entire world panorama of the discipline, with the ECW and the WCW that since they felt an air of failure, have been acquired in full by the McMahons, who use even now the brands, the history, the athletes and all the names and rights they have come into possession of.

If we have seen numerous names borrowed from WCW, from Halloween Havoc to NXT's Great American Bash, to several former WCW athletes, such as Goldberg or Sting, as far as ECW is concerned, there was a real revival of the WCW extreme brand around 2006, with WWE putting the extreme federation managed by Paul Heyman back on track with a new format.

One of the athletes who became famous thanks to the original ECW and therefore one of the first athletes to make Extreme Championship Wrestling the one that gave the Turner WCW or McMahon's WWF a hard time, was Sabu, who together with Rob Van Dam, Sandman, Tazz and several other wrestlers, staged bloody matches and spectacular feuds, which made the ECW one of a kind.

Recently, Sabu spoke about WWE legend, Kurt Angle. In his latest interview with the Wrestle Buddy Podcast, the legend ECW Sabu wanted to talk to his interlocutor, about the annoyance he encountered in working in the WWE rings with Kurt Angle, in the small juncture in which the two clashed in the Stamford-based company's rings.

Sabu talks about the difficulties encountered in fighting Kurt Angle

The WWE Hall of Famer, in fact, used to agree on what to do in the ring well in advance, without "calling" the moves directly in the ring, as many do.
Regarding this matter, Sabu revealed: "Kurt Angle.

Yeah, it was a real pain in the ass to have a match against him, something like that. He was a great wrestler and a great worker, but a pain in the ass for the whole match. He kept asking for things to be specified before the match, without trying it directly in the ring.

He wanted to be thorough before even starting. Yes, Kurt is a perfectionist, but so am I and I'm professional. I know what I do, you know? I am a perfectionist too and I can create something by feeling it under my feet or hearing it through my ears."