Ric Flair defends Goldberg: "He was always very safe with me in WWE and WCW"

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Ric Flair defends Goldberg: "He was always very safe with me in WWE and WCW"

One of the stiffest and concrete athletes par excellence in the ring that WWE remembers in its recent history, certainly responds to the name of Bill Goldberg, Hall of Famer of the federation for a few years, who after a long period of hiatus arrived in 2004, has decided to go back to fighting with the McMahon company, initially to show his son what he was capable of and then because he was still happy with his performance at over 50 and wanted to stay.

In Goldberg's history, however, there are some slightly delicate moments that have led fans and professionals to insult him for his ways of doing pro-wrestling and above all for his style, designated by many as unsafe and very dangerous for the athletes who went against us in the ring.

It has been known for years that the injury that put an end to Bret Hart's career in the WCW rings was triggered by Da Man, who with a kick in the face caused yet another concussion to the Canadian athlete, who then had to retire forever from his in-ring career.

Ric Flair defends Bill Goldberg

In his latest speech made on his personal podcast, the Wooooo Nation Uncensored Podcast, the two-time WWE Hall of Famer, Ric Flair, father of Friday Night Smackdown champion Charlotte Flair, wanted to release words of great encouragement to the former colleague of WCW and WWE, Goldberg, saying: "Well, with me it was always very safe.

I was kicked in the head too. Everyone gets hit with a kick in the head or something else. So what could have hurt Bret, in bad luck, luckily didn't hurt me. Wrestling is a very physical thing, more than sport. When people don't understand this, it's ridiculous.

Because no matter what is choreographed or not, these kids make their bodies available every day, with the risk of getting hurt, but with the awareness of doing it."