Official: WALTER in WWE switches to NXT 2.0

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Official: WALTER in WWE switches to NXT 2.0

Perhaps none of us would have ever expected to read or hear these words, yet the WWE Universe has to hold on tight, as the leader of the Imperium, the mighty WALTER, is on his way to the United States. WALTER was NXT UK champion, which has always been home to him, for over 800 days, before losing the title to Ilja Dragunov, in a match that for many was the best of 2021.

More recently he was also at NXT 2.0, in the New Year's Evil special episode, for a six-man tag match alongside his Imperium company, where they challenged Matt Riddle and the MSK duo.

WALTER stops in the United States

Speaking of his latest match next week, WALTER said in this week's episode of NXT UK that Nathan Frazer will have the honor of fighting him in his last appearance at NXT UK, but of course, he will come out as the winner of the match because the carpet is sacred.

WALTER added that Nathan is like everyone else, that is, a person who makes fun of professional wrestling because he has no respect for this industry and for the history it carries with it. There will never be a WALTER vs Brock Lesnar match: In August 2021, in an interview with Alex McCarthy for 'TalkSport', WALTER had beautiful words for the current WWE champion: “In his years in WWE, Brock Lesnar was undoubtedly the best wrestler in the world.

(…) No one was smarter, more proficient at making money and more accurate in managing his program than he was. Many have complained about his poor appearances, but that factor has helped make him an even more popular character.

I consider him a fantastic athlete from every point of view. Some of the best WWE encounters over the years have featured Brock. I believe that Lesnar has always had the ability to push his opponents to give their all. I too would love to be able to work with a legend of his caliber."