Great tension brewing within WWE after the recent releases

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Great tension brewing within WWE after the recent releases

In the last few hours the WWE, as has become customary for some years now, has put its hand to one of its rosters, NXT to be precise, going to lay off numerous professionals, bringing the total of fired from 2020 to up to now, to over 400 employees, including wrestlers, road agents, managers, referees and various professionals.

In the last big wave seen between Wednesday and yesterday, the biggest names fired were those of Wiliam Regal, Samoa Joe and Road Dogg, all well-known faces of the WWE's colorful roster, who apparently no longer suited the company.

After the layoffs this week, it seems that the situation inside the WWE offices is increasingly tense and nervous, with numerous insiders who would be taking it out on Vince McMahon and Nick Khan, the architects of all these releases.

Insiders lash out at WWE co-president Nick Khan

In one of the latest updates via PW Insider's Mike Johnson, we learn that: “I spoke to some folks who work at the Titan Towers last night and this morning as well and many of them are literally disoriented, to put it mildly.

Others are even furious. Some have confirmed that the company is no longer what it once was. Someone even joked that it is now Nick Khan's WWE and no longer Vince McMahon's company, at this point, with all that is going on, until Khan no longer has the favor of fate, with his vision.

that is taking away a slice of the giant company, many wonder what will happen when even those who are left are so unhappy and aching that WWE will no longer have a face of its own and a personality. A lot of employees who have been working the longest have left and a lot of other people have fled because of Nick Khan's attacks.

None of those I spoke to yesterday said they were happy. Many are truly disheartened. Others, frustrated. Many others still don't know what to expect the next day."