ROH Founder Cary Silkin Speaks About Recent WWE Releases

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ROH Founder Cary Silkin Speaks About Recent WWE Releases

Ring of Honor Founder, Cary Silkin recently spoke about the recent WWE releases. Cary is currently working as a Ring of Honor Ambassador. He was guest on Wrestling Inc. Daily recently. Over there, he shared his thoughts about the recent WWE releases.

He revealed that he can’t quite understand what WWE is doing or trying to do by releasing most of their best superstars.

Cary Silkin Comments on Somoa Joe Being Released Again

“To quote the great W.C. Fields, ‘it baffles science.’ It makes no sense.

I mean, when the whole thing went down with Triple H, and I don’t know how his health is. I am close with Brian Kendrick and he said, ‘yeah, he had a heart procedure,’ but that was months ago,” Cary pointed out.

“WWE, at least what I saw, correct me if I am wrong, they basically dismantled NXT to what we knew. “Then with yesterday with Regal, and Road Dogg,” he said. “And speaking to this guy or that guy, and I don’t speak to many.

It was brought to my knowledge that Road Dogg and Triple H were really close. So, I don’t know, maybe Vince McMahon is going crazy, completely crazy”. Samoa Joe was released this year for the second time quite recently.

He was actually one of the most famous wrestlers to be released. He is also a former ROH Champion. Cary revealed that he spoke with Joe earlier in the day. “I did communicate with Samoa Joe today, just to say, ‘hey man, I am sure you’re going to be fine.’ He was like, ‘yeah, I am going to take a month off and just sort it out,’ and see what his next move is.

But there’s a lot of that going on”. Cary Silkin then went on to shed light on the fact that many former ROH wrestlers are doing very well at AEW, WWE’s main rivals. According to him, CM Punk’s and Bryan Danielson’s presence and push in AEW is actually pushing other younger talents down.

“Yeah, and I am proud of it, I am proud to see these guys,” he admitted. “I got to spend five minutes with Bryan Danielson (at the AEW taping on Wednesday). Another guy who I am not buddy-buddy with, but he’s a good man.

What I am seeing, for my taste of wrestling. With CM Punk, who I got to say hello to too. With Punk and Bryan, I have seen the scales shifting. In other words, these guys are so good, and wrestling is a variety show, it’s like the circus but I think it pushes a lot of guys down,” Silkin stated.

“The talent that’s there, they had a lot of talent before that. I hope you understand what I am trying to express poorly”.