Ric Flair vs Goldberg: "Focuses on money and not on 5-star matches"

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Ric Flair vs Goldberg: "Focuses on money and not on 5-star matches"

Despite in the pent-last episode of his personal podcast, Ric Flair defended Bill Goldberg from the accusations of having always been unsafe and of taking little care of his opponents in the ring, in the last episode of his Wooooo Nation Uncensored, the father of Charlotte Flair, on the other hand, veiled himself against the quality of Da Man's current matches.

According to Nature Boy, Goolberg isn't focused on fighting, much more on raising money for his pockets. In recent years, in fact, Da Man has returned to fight in the rings of the McMahon-owned company, after leaving it in the now distant 2004, together with Brock Lesnar, with their last match in the company that was carried out by a special referee, from the Steve Austin's name.

After years of semi-retirement, the former WCW world champion decided to reconnect his ring boots, returning to fight in the very company that after the WCW had given him more visibility, with his first great feud which was precisely the one against The Beast Incarnate.

Ric Flair against Goldberg's money policy

To the microphones of his latest episode of the personal podcast, the two-time WWE Hall of Famer wanted to say about Goldberg's current matches: "Bill's look has always remained spectacular and it came at the right time.

He came out there, with his music, his entrance, everything different from the others, but the fans were mainly impressed by his matches, who in 10 seconds or 10 minutes had a devastating impact and everyone knew that something was about to.

to happen.
I think that since he came back, however, the quality is not like the first time, but he is back in his own time. The guys who come back after 10 years of silence, without appearing anywhere and then still manage to make a fuss like that, are special guys and the fans recognize it.

Whether they love his job or criticize it, they still all need Bill to come back to the ring every time. Five-star matches mean nothing if they don't raise money. We've seen a lot of five-star matches that didn't make a dollar, Bill isn't one of those cases, think about the money and less the stars of the matches."