Nikki Bella returns to WWE and immediately threatens to take a title

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Nikki Bella returns to WWE and immediately threatens to take a title

In the latest episode of Friday Night Smackdown, WWE wanted to do things really big ahead of its first annual Big Four event, with the Royal Rumble already seeming to have a lot of meat on the fire. If until a few days ago or a few hours ago there was no name announced for the women's Royal Rumble, on this Friday's episode of Smackdown the unthinkable happened, with the federation of McMahon not only announcing some surprise names of the Rumble of the women, who are usually kept under wraps until the very end, but he even invited a champion from a rival company, Impact Wrestling, aka former WWE wrestler: Mickie James.

After his daring dismissal, which also caused much discussion for the "nice" idea of ​​returning the athlete's personal items in a black garbage bag, WWE tried to redeem itself, inviting the athlete to take part in the Royal Rumble, despite Mickie holding the IMPACT women's world title.

In addition to James, many other names have been announced for the event, such as that of the Bella Twins, especially Nikki Bella. After the announcement of the federation, obviously, Nikki Bella's comment on the thing could not be missing, with the former champion of the Stamford-based company and current WWE Hall of Famer, who in fact posted several tweets and several photos on his social networks, going to also threaten the couple champions of the company: Carmella and Queen Zelina.

Nikki Bella threatens the WWE tag team champions

In the last photo, Nikki Bella also hinted at fans that she seems not to be back in action in the WWE rings just to take part in the Rumble and that's it, but aims higher, trying to steal the titles from the current champions on the main roster, in the company of twin sister Brie, wife of AEW's Bryan Danielson.

Who knows what will happen to the Royal Rumble? And above all, what will happen between the tag team champions and the Hall of Famers of the company after this challenge is launched?