Matt Hardy: "We and Edge & Christian had to have a match against DX in WWE"

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Matt Hardy: "We and Edge & Christian had to have a match against DX in WWE"

WWE history is dotted with the most dominant teams and stable in pro-wrestling history, with some now-legendary names that have made the federation's Tag Team category one of the best ever in the world of the discipline.

Needless to say, two of the most important team names in the entire history of WWF/E, are those of the Hardy Boyz, formed by Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy and the E&C, or Edge and Christian, the two Canadian athletes now separated, one in WWE and the other in AEW.

The two teams have had for years some daring feuds full of special matches, with their Ladder matches and TLC matches that have entered the ranking of the best matches in the history of the McMahon-owned wrestling company.

Although Jeff Hardy is currently still unemployed after his WWE firing and Edge returned just over a year after a forced retirement from a nasty neck injury, the four still remain some of the most loved and most acclaimed wrestlers of all.

age, in both WWE and AEW.

Matt Hardy tells his storyline against DXing alongside Edge and Christian

In his last speech to the microphones of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast, the eldest of the extreme brothers wanted to tell: "Going forward, I voluntarily chose, at least at the beginning, the idea of ​​putting us together as a group and going to work against DX.

I wanted our band to be Version 1 of Hardyz and Edge & Christian. That was originally supposed to be the first Version 1 concept in the story. We were meant to be the prototype version of wrestlers we all wanted to see in the future.

In the end, nothing happened, what it ended up being is that Edge and Christian made their heel turn and we continued our feud by going into a TLC. At the end of the games, thinking about it and with the mutual respect that has always distinguished us, it was the right ending.

There is still my gaze with my eyes in the sky, as I exclaim, 'Oh my God', with the audience giving us a standing ovation 24 hours after our match. It was exciting... I couldn't believe that people were applauding us at that level and that they enjoyed our hard work so much, literally breaking our f**k the night before."