Liv Morgan: At the beginning I had to have a different name in WWE

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Liv Morgan: At the beginning I had to have a different name in WWE

One of the most on the crest of the wave at the moment on Monday Night Raw is undoubtedly Liv Morgan, an athlete who tried to go to the assault of the female title of the red show, currently in the hands of Becky Lynch, in the first PPV of the year of the company, Day 1.

Obviously, it was The Man, the company's resourceful athlete, who once again kept her belt firmly on her hips, with Liv Morgan who could now have a second chance at the Royal Rumble. In her latest interview, Liv Morgan also wanted to remember what her stage name could be, with WWE suggesting two names, out of a whole list she could draw from, with the name Liv Morgan ultimately being the athlete liked it enough, enough to choose it.

Liv Morgan could have been called Liv Gallows in WWE

In her latest speech to Inside The Ropes, the former Riott Squad member wanted to talk about her name, saying: "You only know the real background when you arrive at the Performance Center.

When someone makes you a character and gives you a list of names to choose from, right? I remember they sent me three different lists of names. I thought, 'Oh, my names are awful.' All the names I had chosen, they thought were terrible.

So I showed up at Full Sail for a TV taping at NXT and they took me to one side and said, 'Okay, you're going to be Liv Morgan or Liv Gallows.' I said, 'Well, I think I'll choose Liv Morgan' I always liked the name Liv, but I didn't like Morgan instead, but eventually going on I started to love it.

It was a growing love. I have found so many phrases to insert the Liv to form cute little idioms. Smackdown Liv, You Only Liv, Once, Liv is live, Watch Me Liv. I mean, I can still go on."