Roman Reigns cuts a promo in a WWE Live Event

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Roman Reigns cuts a promo in a WWE Live Event

Roman Reigns' drastic character change over the years, starting with his return to action in summer 2020, remains one of the most loved and praised character evolutions of recent years in world wrestling. The Samoan has gone from being an absolutely boring face to one of the most compelling heels in WWE.

But now a lot is brewing at WWE, and after the colossal problems of Day 1, this situation could change too. The WWE Universal Champion, in fact, took part in the WWE Supershow in Glen Falls. It is a Live Event in which he showed himself together with other Superstars of Monday Night RAW and Friday Night Smackdown.

Over the course of the show, for the record, Bloodline took on Big E and the Viking Raiders and even won the match.

Roman Reigns' "good" words

Well, after the dispute was over, Roman Reigns addressed the crowd present and gave them a babyface outfit promo.

And this emerged not only from the kind and respectful words addressed to the public but also from other concepts expressed by the Tribal Chief. In fact, he asked fans to stay safe during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. These are the incredible words of Roman Reigns, very unrelated to the arrogant character that we have become accustomed to seeing in the last year and a half: “I would like to take advantage of this time to thank you guys for coming to see us.

We all know what is happening with this pandemic. I just want you all to be safe. I want you to protect yourselves so that we can all see you next time. Also, goodnight and thank you." Meanwhile, the company is currently building a feud between Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, where a title change may also take place.

We'll have to see if Seth Rollins ends up beating Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship or not. But above all, if Rollins will be the villain of the contest, with Reigns again credited with the role of the good.

The problem that will certainly be debated is that Roman Reigns was simply unbearable to many when he was a babyface. After all, both fans and professional wrestlers agreed with this opinion, which gave rise to interviews, editorials and analyzes all in agreement on this point.

This happened despite the fact that Reigns played high profile matches against the best of the best, and won every possible title. But when it was "good" it was definitely indigestible. Will it be the same even in the event of a turn in 2022?