How does the layoff mechanism work in WWE?

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How does the layoff mechanism work in WWE?

That WWE does not face particular problems when it comes time to fire its long-term employees is certainly not new, but the last few months in this sense have been decidedly explanatory in this sense. Several stars of the company found themselves unemployed overnight, and in some of these cases, the expulsion was largely unexpected.

The dynamic, however, also existed in the past. And to explain it is someone who has worked on it for years at WWE, making a name for himself especially in SmackDown. This is René Dupree, known as a member of the Resistance in the mid-2000s when he too became the youngest athlete to win an official company title.

Well, he himself attacked WWE for this tendency to fire their employees at the least opportune moment, talking about it in an interview for 'The Hannibal TV' And he did so by reporting some examples dating back to the years in which he himself worked for the Stamford-based company, and which concern some of his colleagues at the time (all working on the SmackDown roster in particular in 2003 and 2004).

The first case involves Charlie Haas and "Miss" Jackie Gayda, who WWE announced their dismissal on July 8, 2005. "They got married and went on their honeymoon. I think they went to Antigua or one of those countries.

"Caribbean" Dupree recalled. The day they got back, Johnny Ace [John Laurinaitis, ed] calls them and fires them both. Isn't that crap? They then fired Billy Gunn on his birthday. I don't know why they do because they are so ruthless.

But it's no coincidence. They do it on purpose."

WWE has fired several stars

The latest round of WWE layoffs concerned NXT in particular and covered several days of last week including sacred monsters such as Road Dogg, William Regal and then even Samoa Joe himself who had recently returned under contract with the federation of Stamford.

However, the best-known case of dismissal that came in conjunction with a private and personal event of great importance still remains that of CM Punk. The Straight Edge of Chicago, now on AEW, confessed on the well-known Colt Cabana podcast (the contents of which resulted in a court case) that, after he quit WWE in January 2014, no one had informed him of his suspension until it was Triple H who called him.

He claimed to be available to speak to him as soon as he returned from his honeymoon with AJ Lee, except to receive a letter of dismissal at home on the exact day of his wedding. This situation is real and verified and in the past, Vince McMahon has publicly apologized for what happened.